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Dutch Enamel

Description Dutch Enamel supplies quality handcrafted vitreous enamel signs

In our shop you will find a wide range of quality vitreous enamel house number signs,addres plaques,family name signs,door signs, parking signs, fun signs, warning signs and street name signs.

The majority of our products can be personalized i.e you can choose background colours, text colours and write your own texts.

Of course we can also supply all kinds of bespoke vitreous enamel signs,plaques,badges,mugs and plates to your own design for any application and occasion.

All we need from you is a sketch or a picture and the colours and dimensions which you can send to us by using our contact form or by post.

We will come back to you within 48 hours with a proposal.

When you make your choice in colours please keep in mind that for example two shades of green i.e. background dark green and text light green does not result in a very strong contrast between the two colours !!

Dutch Enamel offers sixteen colour combinations for the background and the text. White letters or numbers on a dark background are most popular and have a very strong contrast.

We invite classic car and motorcycle clubs and enthusiasts to contact us,we can supply any enamel classic sign or badge.

Surprise us with your designs !
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