Antique Fireplaces UK - Thornhill Galleries

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Antique Fireplaces UK - Thornhill Galleries

Description Having a century of experience when it comes to crafting antique fireplaces, Thornhill Galleries is one of the largest selection of antique mantelpieces and fireplaces accessories around the world. The imposing yet delicate design of their stone fireplaces, marble fireplaces, wood and metal fireplaces make them an elegant choice for every home. Thornhill Galleries has carved its experience along the year and is manufacturing outstanding reproduction fireplaces and antique fireplaces.
Antique styled fireplaces are a growing trend and for great example of pieces such as stone fireplaces, marble fireplaces, metal or wood fireplaces, the Thornhill Galleries have the solutions for you. Owning a wide selection of antique fireplaces and also crafting bespoke fireplaces for the needs and desires of their customer, the Thornhill Galleries will provide you with stylish and elegant items.
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