Hair Allergy Test

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Hair Allergy Test

Description Analyse mineral levels and toxic metal build-up in your body with hair mineral analysis test kits.

It is important that your nutritional needs are met with a varied diet and supplementation if required.

Hair allergy test kit discover if you are susceptible to food allergies with a simple home hair test kit. Order online, testing for heavy metal toxicity is easy with hair analysis. Buy on our website and get your individual health report.

Dedicated bespoke nutritional support plan that provides you with dietary recommendations and nutritional support supplements.

Designed by leading health care professionals and doctors ; helps you to get healthier and improves the health of you and your family.

A scientific test kit that tests hair for minerals, toxins and vitamin deficiencies .

Discover hidden mineral imbalances that could be having a negative effect on your overall health.
The analytical test for hair mineral & toxic metals is a simple procedure, just take a hair sample and pop it in the post to the laboratory for analysis. The report is returned 2 weeks later with detailed dietary recommendations, a colour chart depicting 37 different trace elements levels found in the hair and a bespoke supplements plan for you to follow.

The test is designed by the leading medical doctors in this field with over 40 years experience in the subject of hair analysis.
If you are worried about your health or just interested in what the report will tell you about the state of your biochemical makeup then order online today with one of the leading hair mineral analysis
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