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Description SCIchart is a reliable provider of Windows Presentation Foundation WPF Chart based in the UK. Offering a large range of charts for Windows operation system the team at SCIchart is assuring great results in fields such as medical engineering and finance. Not only are these charts practical but they are also easy to use due to their interactive zooming and panning options. Get the best Rich Core WPF Charting API with SciChart. The WPF Chart API that SciChart uses has been finely tuned for over four years with the help of feedback received from thousands of end-users and developers. SciChart’s WPF Chart API now includes amazingly rich features and allow unprecedented levels of extensibility and customization. We can mention a few of the features included in SciChart’s Rich Core WPF Charting API for the annotations, theming, zooming and panning, rendering properties and many more. SciChart is the WPF Charts industry leader and is one of the few players on the Fast WPF Charts market that provides WPF 3D Charts controls. Thanks to the DirectX powered rendering engine, SciChart is able to offer unprecedented levels of real-time WPF Charts performances and WPF Chart controls. With SciChart 3D it is possible to display one million points scatter charts in real time and 1,000 x 1,000 surface-meshes again in real time. SciChart 2D lets you display ten millions point line-charts and thousands of series or hundreds of chart surfaces on a single UI. Rest assured that the rest of your user interface will not be stalled by the usage of the previously mentioned chart dimensions.
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