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Wall Beds Smart Bedroom - wall beds online store

Description Wall Beds starting from only £ 229.00
The apartments become smaller and smaller every day, especially in big cities like London. Bearing this in mind, we want to offer you living spaces. Any bedroom must have one bed, but the bed might occupy almost the entire spare space of your room. We need a bed at night and we can use the room space for other purposes during the day; changing the entire look of the room and we will have a much more "airy" space. This aspect has a positive effect on every person's emotional and mental state. Nowadays, the daily stress increases and this is the main reason why we want to feel good at home. If you feel good in your own house, any house can by your home.
A few years ago we've started to provide these solutions to several countries in Europe: Greece, Czech Republic, Germany etc. Recently, we've entered the British market as well. We have exceptional quality products. We only use slates made of genuine wood and not of melamine. We stain the metallic frames using the most modern kilns and the pistons are imported from Germany. We decided to use pistons imported from Germany because of their high quality.
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