Holistic Health Coaching

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Holistic Health Coaching
Description Based in Shoreham, Kent, HealthTribe's goal is to bring balance and happiness to peoples’ lives. With a holistic ethos we use detailed assessments to unveil the ‘cause’ of our client’s problems and then strive to educate and empower them to make better lifestyle choices. When your life is in better balance, you will find that symptoms disappear!

Our approach is simple:

1. Establish a dream/goal big enough to want to change for
2. Balance the two forces of nature (yin/yang)
3. Establish your own Four Doctor plan (Dr Happiness, Dr Quiet, Dr Diet and Dr Movement) to move you towards your goal.

Our intention is to help change the mind-set of the health and fitness industry. There’s far too much emphasis on appearance and performance and not enough on well-being, leading to people that look great but feel terrible!

We’re excited to instead invite you to a new and different ‘Tribe,’ one that is focused on your happiness and well-being. We want to create a movement that encourages people to take responsibility for their health and personal growth.

With support from us, learn how to celebrate and respect your uniqueness by consistently implementing simple foundational health principles, which will give you more choice and allow you to live the life you want to live. After all, the healthier and happier you are, the healthier and happier your tribe will be.
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