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Description Lee Mac is an SEO expert based in London. Offering advanced SEO services to small businesses. I have many years of experience working with and optimising websites to rank higher in the search results. Contact me if you want to improve your organic rankings. An advantage of running small businesses is that it can afford you a more personal relationship with people you interact with in your off-site SEO efforts. Emails, Tweets, posting on other people’s blogs can all lead to greater engagement with your brand, product or service. Getting backlinks to your businesses website from a page that has links to authority sites on the same topic and in close proximity suggests that your site is relevant and it suggests searching engines that your site is also high quality. Getting links from low quality sites is does not automatically work in the opposite fashion, but these types of links could possibly have a negative influence on ranking. Discover who is linking to you by analysis of linking reports from Google Webmaster Tools or use 3rd party reports that help you understand how people are linking to your site, links and traffic are directly correlated so it’s wise to monitor them closely. It is important to understand what people who your content is targeted at are searching for. Find out how they search for your keywords, how would people describe your page to you? Organic SEO is completely different to marketing on Facebook, you will have to learn how to use Google keywords tool, different SEM procedures are used and the "Facebook marketing tips" you may have alread
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