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Description Our team at EC1 Investments are dedicated to offering the best property investment opportunities to our clients, including low entry investments which are ideal for new investors. We believe that investments should be offered to everyone, helping people steadily grow their wealth with sound investment choices for the future. We consider ourselves to be the safer option for investors, and that is why our reputation is global.

We team up with property developers that we trust, and that have a proven track record for delivering good rates of return for investors. Because of this, many of our clients return to invest again, taking advantage of our latest recommended opportunities.

Drawing from years of experience, we carefully select investment opportunities that offer good rates of return. We make sure that we do the due diligence before allowing the EC1 Investments’ name to be attached to them. We only partner with property developers after being thoroughly satisfied their developments meet our standards for investments, high rates of return, and a safe place to let your money for grow. With an investment budget as low as £15,000.00 you can step on to the investment ladder and begin your portfolio, or just add to an existing portfolio to diversify your assets.
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